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How to grow your audience with promotional bags?

The reach of branded bags has increased exponentially over the years, and brands are excited to integrated custom promotional bags into its portfolio. However, it is important for a business to be selective with the time and place when considering the distribution of the promotional bags. Let’s have a look at how you can grow your audience with promotional bags:

In-store events:

An in-store event invites the referred customers or influencers to showcase the hosting of your business. People that are invited to the store would make excellent ambassadors for your business, and you should reward the by distributing filled branded bags to them. It would make an impression on them, and who knows—they might post pictures of the goodies to their social media, which would increase brand exposure.

Pre-order and subscription incentives

A business should always show appreciation its loyal and long-term clients—and they can start with giving them their branded products into a branded bag. It would make an excellent incentive when a customer orders on a pre-order basis or, upgrade to expensive services.

Employee welcome package

Employees are responsible for endorsing your brand on a large-scale level. When you are welcoming a new employee into your business, you should welcome them with offering your branded products and branded bags to them.

Retail shopping

Retail shopping centers and restaurants make an optimal location for the distribution of your branded bags to your prospective customers. A business can re-strategize and recover the investment costs by selling the branded bags to the customers. Alternatively, you can switch to eco-friendly shopping bags for catering to a diverse group of customers.

You can always a take a step further and provide free branded bags with a minimum purchase amount. The loyal customers should be given incentive that they would spend on your brand’s merchandize.